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Our database contains approximately 27,000 entries which is the synthesis of cemetery transcriptions from several cemeteries located in the northeastern part of Dane County , Wisconsin. The cemeteries are located in the townships of Bristol, Burke, Cottage Grove, Medina, Sun Prairie, Windsor and York.  Also included in the cemetery transcriptions is information on deaths for people connected with Sun Prairie’s history but interred elsewhere.

Unfortunately not every record has every field completed, but the Museum continues to gather information. Since the first trial publication in May of 1996, thousands of additions and changes have been made in the original text of the popular Death List. It would be naive to believe that there are not a number of inaccuracies. The process of data transfer form headstone, obituaries and other records includes many steps and errors are inevitable. If you have corrections or additions to the list please contact the Museum with the information.


The Museum is involved in a long-range project of photographing cemetery markers for use in this project. More than six hundred photographs were added to the files during 2002. These photographs are used to verify information and to complete information for each entry in the cemetery transcriptions.


Information for this project makes use of research completed by Peter Klein, Joe Chase, Sue Kittel Moore, Monna Aldrich, Norma Benisch, Marilyn Bailey, Betty Patterson, Mary Leonard, Virginia Irvin, Sarah Steel, the Marshall Historical Society, St. Mary’s Cemetery Association, Sun Prairie Memory Gardens Cemetery, and the Sun Prairie Cemetery Association. Volunteers collect obituaries and memorial cards for the Museum. Verna Bedner, Gary Quamme, Mary Batz, Rosella Farmer, Ann Betlach, Judy Fischer, Prisca Batz Estate, Mary Gehrmann, and Eleanor and Ralph Weisensel donated many items to the collection.


Printed copies of latest edition of the cemetery transcriptions are available at the Sun Prairie Public Library, the Sun Prairie Historical Library & Museum, Marshall Area Historical Society, and the Cottage Grove Historical Society. Nancy Veenendaal and Jack Davison are the current editors of the project .


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